Tech Ramblings…

By Dr. T

—Big OHs and Macro discoveries…

Hello World. Blogging as a way of expression has fast picked up pace. I thought it would be fun to jump on the band wagon. I read in a ‘Readers Digest’ that 80 percent or more Americans feel like they should write a book. I guess this is true for all people around the world. That is why so many blogs are popping up around the internet. And what beter way of expressing oneself than to point-and-click, and put up a blog in under five minutes. And finding a medium and way of expression allowing the innate writer to wake up and be heard.

“From inconsistency we find uniformity, from chaos we discover rhythm…”

Like any aspiring author, I spent a bit of time to name the blog. Hence, an expression of form ‘daily ramblings’ came to mind. Coming up with Eurekas and light bulbs on the head is what has helped us create, discover, and invent out of seemingly useless and at times impossible ideas. In my spare time, I too love to sit around and think big. And after that spend hours and hours trying to bring my Frankensteins to life. Hence the motto,

“Give me a pen, paper, and a thinking seat, and I can design an intergalactic cruise ship”.

Well not exactly…but through this blog, I wish to approach technical issues from the social welfare and community service point of view. In addition, provide a nice feedback on various personal experiances and uses of technology in order to give people another view of the obvious…

More on this topic in a later post.


August 24, 2006 - Posted by | Social steps..

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