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— Microsoft Interviews, Recruiter hospitality and a Surgery…Part 2..

As a follow up to my previuos post (Microsoft coming to town part 1, ), a lot of people ask what the on-site interview is like. It is a lot like the phone interview in terms of intensity of the questions one can expect. The only difference that you can actually see the interviewer and read his/her expression as to whether he’s happy with your answers or not (just kidding). But one can use this visual advantage to their favor. One important distinction that I’d like to make here is that once you make it ” Continue reading


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–…as Microsoft is comminggg to townn…(PART 1)

I¬†thought I’d sidestep from my current project “adopting a house in a village for technology hand down – ref: One small step for a child, one giant leap for a village”, to an interesting post. As Microsoft sends its international recruiting team to discover new talent from the Middle East, Russia and Pakistan, I cant help but hum this song that I was made to learn in Kindergarden and performed in a Parents Day Function, “The Circus is coming to town”. No pun intended, but the adrenaline gush that we as children get during a circus visit to town can be analogous to the excitement that most passionate developers, testers and prospective Microsoft employees may feel at Microsoft current visit to the regions.

I thought it would be fun to look back at my interview experiance at Microsoft and share it thorugh a post. ” Continue reading

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