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–Tech Ramblings goes “Technorati”

I’m quite fascinated by this blog. I recently searched up my feedstat and blogstat and am surprised I have quite a few readers to this blog already. This is really humbling considering this blogs only been up for four days. I thought I’d see how my blog is doing in terms of a graphical form and this is what wordpress turned up:

”                   blog-stat-for-august.JPG

On an average, I’d say I have about 10 readers on any given day that I blog. So I find blogstat/feedstat as a great visualization tool of ones blog performance. Whats more fascinating is how RSS feeds and pingbacks help make the blogging experiance so much better…

So I thought I’d give the web spiders a field trip and register myself on Technorati. Lets see how my blogstat/feedstat compare after this…I’m supposed to paste a link here so that the crazy critter spiders can find me on the net and register me :)…Here goes…spiders away..

Technorati Profile

PS (Post Spiders): It works, I already have doubled the traffic to this blog :).

P.S.S (Post spider script): So another tool that I came across for blog monitoring was ‘geographic cluster mapping’. Heres a glimpse of how it works….every IP that visits my page is represented as a dot on the map (shown below). I’ve also added a link to this map on the right sidebar widget of the blog. Right now it only represents a few dots since the blog is only a few days old. But hopefully, it would be an interesting observation as more dots appear.

Just goes to show how connected we all are.

                    Locations of visitors to this page




August 29, 2006 - Posted by | Technology Talk, The Human genographic Project


  1. thanks to you i ended up making an account on Technorati as well :-/

    Comment by Muneeb Ali | September 4, 2006 | Reply

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