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Junk mails and human DNA. The sky ‘is’ falling on our heads…

Remember those pesky junk mails that we often get…spam, unsolicited, and annoying. Well now that junk spam has turned a new leaf. However, this new discovery doesnt contain messages such as “You’ve won the lottery”, or “I am a wealthy businessman looking to transfer funds to your account..” etc etc. This ones much closer to our genes. Scientists have discovered a junk mail container in our very own DNA. One that may possibly have been tampered with. But just who has been tampering with this storage space…

Scientists have discovered large chunks of junk DNA in our genome that seemingly have no useful purpose (non that they can decipher up till now). These genes are highly stable and people are already brewing up cosmic conspiracies. According to an article by Professor Paul Davies of the Australian Centre for Astrobiology, this junk DNA may have been utilized by aliens when they visited thousands of years ago. They may have discovered it and implanted encoded messages in it. Sounds like science fiction right out of “Chariots of the Gods”

Question is, why would they do that? Dont they have better things to do like watch the super bowl, or go to a wild life resort. Speculations, to encode a sitemap leading to them in space, OR informing us about them through a brief history of their civilization, OR better still, giving us technological advance secrets allowing us to travel through the cosmos. Doesnt look all that impossible given that the junk mail folders in our DNA sequences are long enough to contain the full volume of “A brief History of our time”

But then why the gene pool? Many simple answers. Very stable gene area with seemingly no affect on human characteristics. Perfect site for an encoded message. Plus, unlike artefacts, genes dont wear and tear under weather and corrosion over the centuries. Therefore preserving the message. Another plausible explanation could be that the advance race wants humans to become technically adept first, before they can decipher the code and then make the journey across the stars

How would they have done this? DNA modification through introduction of retroviruses seems probable. Sounds scary enough. Maybe this time if “Chicken Little” shouts that the sky is falling on our heads, someone will beleive him.

Looks like the claims the author for “Chariots of the Gods” had some historical significance. Centuries old landing runway, cave paintings of wierd looking beings, flying discs. Maybe they did come and handpick some people to spread the word, genetically speaking.

As an after thought, I’m not a geneticists but I’m currently doing a lot of research on DNA and “the human genographics”. Heres a question that puzzles me. Although the DNA makes self copies before it is sent into the offsprings, there are slight modifications (called freak mutations) after every few thousand years. Wouldnt this change effect the junk DNA message as well. Guess the aliens didnt think of that one hunh. For now, I’m just amused by the thought of “Star Trek’s Borgs” and their style of interstellar communication being implanted in us. And the next time I am caught over speeding, I will blame it on the alien tranmissions. Dont forget to wear your “aluminium head covering foils” guys.



September 6, 2006 - Posted by | The Human genographic Project

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