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By Dr. T

Anybody for scuba..

I’ve been planning to go scuba dive for the past one month but just havent got around to actually going ahead. A few days ago, I got hold of the canon powershot A610. Now I’m waiting to get my hands on the underwater shooting kit that comes with it and using that as motivation to go dive….

As a side show, I’ve been planning a vacation trip somewhere close to home. And just south west of Pakistan (about 435 mi south-west of Sri Lanka to be exact), I found an island paradise, Maldives . Surprisingly, I knew very little of this nation of tiny islands and how far ahead it is as an island resort. Heres what I could gather about it and have marked it as my next vacation spot for sure…

Info about Maldives, Wiki Reference:

1. Maldives is the smallest muslim country, south west of Sri Lanka.
2. Its the smallest Asian country that is a member of the UN
3. Research indicates that as early as 2000 BC, Maldives lay on the maritime trading routes of early Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Indus Valley civilizations.
4. With eighty-six tourist resorts in operation, the year 2000 recorded 467,154 tourist arrivals.
5. And my favorite, the best past time for tourists are white sand beaches, scuba diving, snorkeling, ocean line cruises, nightlife, and shopping.

So Maldives has to be in schedule for the next vacation ;).

— Tashfeen.


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