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Anoushey…T minus 8 hrs to launch…thank you Yoda…

So Anousheh Ansari’s big day has finally arrived. She is all set to launch in eight hours for the stars as part of a crew on board the Russian built Soyuz. This space vehicle has become the worlds most used space launch vehicle and has been taking astronauts and cosmonauts into space for the last five decades.

Another interesting find, these days the hottest blog on wordpress is Anoushey’s space blog. No surprises there…

When she touches down around October, which is also the month of the previous Ansari X prize winner, Space Ship One’s. second anniversary, she will unveil Ansari X Prize for 2006, Weblink here., titled “X PRIZE CUP ’06 – Moon 2.0”.

We all wish Anoushey a safe and pleasant journey.

Want to thank our mentors:
Also interestingly, if you want to thank the higher intelligence “alien” beings for transferring such technologies such as the internet, space launches, and other cool gadgets to us over the past 50 years, you can do so now. National Geographic has set up a website called Humans Need Help. to show our appreciation to all they have done for us. Through this project, anyone can compose a short message for our alien friends and beam it into space, from where our historical mentors are proudly watching us at this time. I bet it would be a proud moment for our space venturing mentors…

Also, check out the funky music video that National Geographic is playing these days in tribute to the aliens :P…

–Live well and prosper…ZOINK…

— Tashfeen.


September 18, 2006 - Posted by | Space

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