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up in the sky…its a star…its Anousheh…

Get your telescopes ready space enthusiasts…

Now you can see Expedition 14 (Anousheh’s Crew) dock with the International Space Station (ISS). Anousheh’s crew on the Russian spacecraft Soyuz will dock with the ISS on 20th Sep at 930p PST. To view sky tracking info wrt to your region and headings to see the ISS, log on to Nasa’s Human Space Flight Sightings and Tracking. They provide real time orbit of the ISS and the docking space crafts.

As far as my region is concerned, the ISS should make a fly by the horizon at 558a on the 21st, and 449a on the 22nd. I will miss the actual docking but I can always see the Soyuz docked static with the space station. The viewing time for my region is 3 mins, thats about the time the ISS will be in my regions space before speeding out into the horizon.

I’ll hopefully catch a glimpose of when Anousheh departs the ISS onboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis 8 days from now. For a live video feed of the docking as it happens, log on to Nasa’s live web tv. .



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