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One year ago, today Pakistan was hit by a massive 7.6 earthquake that left around 73,276, dead and more than 3 million homeless in the mountain ranges of the north.

What followed was a massive relief operation that included both national and international relief organizations that worked round the clock against the elements and the upcoming winter months to save as many lives as possible.

This post goes out in solitude to all the survivors of the tragedy. With a wish that they have recovered from the tragedy. And a thank you note to the Pakistan’s aid organizations, countries, friends, and humanitarian NGOs that helped evacuate and save those countless lives…

For more information on the quake and the massive relief operation that took place, visit the wiki link here:

Pakistan Earthquake Wiki Link

— Tashfeen.


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Microsoft student design competition 2007s

For all those entrepreneur and design enthusiast college students, the time has come yet again to sit down, think of a completley innovative concept, turn that from white board to actual implementation and send the results to Microsoft Imagine Cup 2007.

Finalists from different categories will fly to South Korea where they get to showcase their software design, programming, web interface, algorithm etc competency against other team members from all over the world. So gather your team mates, take out the drawing boards and start imagining…

Also, for people aspiring to join Microsoft, Priya Priyadarshini over at MSDN Jobsblog has posted Microsoft’s international recruitement calender. They are visiting different geographic locations and interviewing qualified candidates who display passion, creativity, and willingness to adapt and learn.

 So while you prepare for the Imagine Cup, prepare your CVs and send them in. Such competitions are always a great way to grab recruiters attention <wink wink>..


Have fun and Good Luck..


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