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By Dr. T

Me, Myself, and Murphy.

Remember Murphy’s law, yes that law that states that “if you fear picking any two socks of different colors out of your drawer, chances are that YOU WILL”. Especially if its the zero hour of your very first date, prom night, wedding, etc. And you will end up wearing them for lack of better alternatives.

Ever had that feeling that you are Murphy’s perfect subject for this hypothesis. I know for some people sitting for their exams, preparing that ultimate presentation etc, nothing seems to be working right. But then suddenly things start working out…then again, Murphy wasnt always wrong :).

Here’s a shout out to all the Murphy’s subjects and a big toast to others who made it through ;)…


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technology R Us

Had a bad case of writers block with a lot of work load in the past few weeks. But hey, heres food for thought. Technology seems to be seeping through everyones lives these days. Stop at a red light, and people take out their cell phones and start sending texts, checking emails, updating blogs etc. Those who’re not doing this, are already dancing to the tune on their ipods and mini players. Looks like we’ve come a long way from gazing at star trek gadgets back in the 80s to now :)….

 ….happy driving….

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