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My BOINC predicts weather, do you have a BOINC…

Is the world spinning out of control around us or what. Hurricane frequency on the rise on the Atlantic, tsunami triggering earthquakes, and now the latest, early summer in Europe. Climatologists say its a regular cycle that repeats itself over hundreds of years (typical in loops of every 30 yrs), while global warming experts blame the CFCs and other industrial grade pollutants. Whatever the reason, the climate shift is taking place again. This may come as a cooling effect for some countries, while for others may face the brunt of the heat, hurricanes and monsoons.

I thought it’d be interesting to re-visit my contributions to the SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) project. And in the process, ” Continue reading


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— Pluto stripped of title, watch out Goofy

Here’s a question that has baffled me ever since I was young. Mickey is a mouse, Donald is a duck, Pluto is Mickey’s pet dog…then whats Goofy. Isnt the spot for the clumbsy dog already taken :o. And how come Goofy is a bipod, talks, and wears clothes while Pluto is left on all fours, sniffing, and barking :P. Sounds like this judgement has affected astronomers and scientists in the past as well…but no more.

Just this week, astronomers and scientists from The International Astronomical Union (IAU) finally passed a verdict defining what ‘planets’ are. And in the process, unravelled that our heavenly body, Pluto, is no longer categorized as a planet  (remember Steven Spielberg’s  E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial – thats what ET was trying to tell us when he pointed to the solar system mde of stress balls and the geometry set in the movie). Finally someone listened to the alien. 

Look at him, so dumbfounded. I feel for you Pluto ol’ boy.


Pluto, the lovable Mickey Mouse dog, the Greek God of the underworld, the controversial planet X now finds itself amongst the smaller celestial bodies of the solar system ie asteroid… ” Continue reading

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