Tech Ramblings…

By Dr. T


SensUS Structure Security System

A wireless based real time structure monitoring system. ( 

Shop Easy System        

A wireless in-door GPS guidance system for shopping malls. 

Efficient RPC in Distributed Multi-threaded Environments 

Designed cluster architecture and RPC protocol for SCI based clusters. Currently uploaded as an Open Source Initiative.  (

Context Aware Network Sockets for Pervasive Environments

TCP based client/server systems to identify services in a wireless region and assign them to user-based queries in real time. ( )  

NASA World Wind based RISK Game Development

NASA World Wind (open source) project to develop the game ‘RISK’ for multiple players. This is a hobby project. ( 

Geographical Information System used for the Pakistan Earthquake Relief Efforts 2005

Developed a distributed GIS based on open source software to provide resource allocation and management to help facilitate the civilian NGOs and volunteers in the relief work to the Pakistan Earthquake victims.


Inetd Server – LUMS Mobile and Networking Lab  (2004)

Implemented InetD server providing multiple services based on TCP and UDP in Linux C. Failsafe distributed environment developed for testing.

Operating System Resource Scheduling (Producer/Consumer Paradigm)Implemented resource scheduling between two cooperating processes based on Producer/Consumer Paradigm in Linux C.        

Multi-threaded Trivial File Transfer Protocol ServerImplemented multi-threaded TFTP server in Linux C. Failsafe distributed environment developed for testing.     

Lumen WifiComm – LUMS Mobile and Networking Lab

Implemented secure wireless LAN based client/server communication software using Linux C. Automated testing software also developed as test tool.

Secure Transcription Application

Implemented a 128-bit Encryption Algorithm in Microsoft Visual C++ for transcription software with HIPAA compliance. Front-end interface developed as web based application. Object oriented approach used as design of system.  

Data mining Analysis

Designed and developed data mining for market segmentation and retail evaluation for databases. Web based application developed for front-end interface. Apriori Algorithm implementation in Visual C++ and MySQL.

Smart Intrusion Detection System for Network Security Implemented an adaptable Intrusion Detection System to provide security for LANs. Automated test software written for testing and portability. Development in Linux C.


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